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Shattered Alchemy! 8.5.4b

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Herbs, new brews, new elixirs, and guidebook improvements!

    • This update contains minor visual improvements to tooltips and certain codex entries
    • This update does some background technical wizardry, reducing the likelihood of compatibility issues
    • This update contains new items
    • This update contains balancing changes
    • This update contains bug fixes

    -=- New Items -=-
    Shocking Brews! Shock your enemies with this deadly alchemical concoction!
    Elixirs of Restoration! Healing and purification!
  2. Imbue Elixirs!

    • This patch contains balancing changes
    • This patch contains new items

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Caustic Brew! Splash your enemies with sticky caustic goop!
    • Elixir's of Dragon's Blood, Icy Touch, and Toxic Essence! Imbue yourself with the elements to harness their powers, bolstering your elemental resistance and offensive capabilities!
    (Find out how to make them in the alchemy guide pages scattered around the universe!)

    -=- Buffs -=-
    • Firefruit, Potions of Liquid Flame & Dragon's...
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  3. Potions of Shrouding Fog added!

    • This patch contains misc improvements, reducing the strain on the user's computer
    • This patch contains balancing changes
    • This patch contains a new item

    -=- Alchemy Guide Pages -=-
    • Added instructions for creating Featherfall and Blobs of Goo
    • Did some stuff with the pages

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Potion's of Shrouding Fog! Blind your enemies, you meanie!
    (They work nothing like how they do in Shattered)

    -=- Alchemy -=-
    • Added a special "what-if" for items with a max stack of 1...
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  5. Alchemist's Toolkit!

    -=- New Items! -=-
    • Alchemist's Toolkit! Find the blueprints in random chests to create, at an inventor's table, this portable alchemy pot!
    • Alchemize! A new item which allows you to use alchemy anywhere!
    • A new guidebook page which reveals how to create Alchemize!

    -=- Loot Pool Adjustments! -=-
    • Added the blueprints for the Alchemist's Toolkit to chests. It doesn't spawn much on low-level planets.
    • Added Alchemize and Featherfall to common chests!
    • Adjusted the food loot pool

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  6. Potion's of Invisibility and Experience! (FIXED)



    -=- Potion of Invisibility -=-
    • No longer makes the player 100% invisible. This is a visual effect only. Instead, makes the player transparent!
    • Now grant you invulnerability to attacks, at the cost of making enemies invulnerable to your own!
    (Technical explanation as to why it can't just hide you from monsters:
    nobody programmed in a "if invisible, ignore", and most future updates would break it if it got added)...
  7. Rework - Strength Mechanic!


    -=- Potion's of Strength & Elixir's of Might -=-
    • Now use the new Strength system! Each use of the potion or elixir will increase your Strength stat by 1, which is equal to +10% attack power! Strength is capped at 10. But maybe something else in the Rotberry recipe branch can bypass that limit...?

    -=- Untypoification -=-
    • Gave Stewed Meat a period
  8. Practical Applications for Alchemy!

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Practical Applications of Alchemy! These codexes give useful hints on alchemy recipes ;D There's 4 pages, can you find them all? You most likely can!

    -=- Makin' it PG13 -=-
    • Told the Elixir of Aquatic Rejuvenation and Potion of Shielding what happened to the Potion of Earthen Armor when it got intimate with the logs ;^) they'll stop having private time in the logs whenever their buffs are active
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  9. Bug fixes and balancing!

    -=- Elixir of Aquatic Rejuvenation -=-
    • No longer has unlimited healing. The effect will now expire after it has healed you for MaxHP*3 + 120 points of health.

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fixed bugs relating to Elixirs of Aquatic Rejuvenation and Potions of Shielding