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Shattered Alchemy! v8.6.3

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Update!

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Scrolls of Recharging and Lullaby!
    • Something special for those playing in October or December ;)

    -=- Buffs -=-
    • Potions of Invisibility no longer prevent attacking
    • Potions of Invisibility render the player undetectable
    • Potions of Shrouding Fog can hide entities
    • Recycle Spells can transmute scrolls

    -=- Technical/Misc -=-
    • Improved alchemy scripts
    • Rotfruit no longer displays a +1 Strength notification if the player has achieved max Strength
    • Special sound effects for reading a scroll
    • Adjusted tooltips for many items

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • No more eating Featherfall Spells; it has its own thing now.

    -=- Meat -=-
    • Meat items from the Elithian Alliance and Betabound are now supported!

    Special thanks to Aegonian for letting us use their invisibility and time scripts! Check out his content here:
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