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Shattered Alchemy! v8.5.5h

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Bug fix!


    -=- Items -=-
    • Alchemical Catalyst's can now be consumed for a random potion effect
    • Added Frostfire Brews

    -=- Buffs -=-
    • Mind Vision reveals all entities, not just monsters
    • Mind Vision now properly grants immunity to FU's darkness effect
    • Magical Sight now properly grants the ability to see through walls
    • Magical Sight is now actually really good

    -=- Debuffs -=-
    • Being Snap Frozen now prevents item usage
    • Snap Frozen is cancelled if the target takes damage from a non-status-effect source
    • Displacement now sends entities more than 2cm away.

    -=- Bags -=-
    • Rations, pasties, and meat pies can go in the Velvet Pouch
    • Many more ranged items can now go in the Magical Holster
    • Added the Backpack

    -=- Recipes -=-
    • 2 small rations can be combined to make a normal ration

    -=- Horn of Plenty -=-
    • Now displays stored charges
    • Can now hold up to 20 charges
    • Left-click uses 1 charge
    • Right-click expends all charges at once

    -=- Bug Fixes/Failsafes/Misc -=-
    • Strength is now returned to the player if they somehow remove it without it being 0
    • Mystery Meat can be stewed again
    • Blandfruit seeds can be used again
    • Fixed a harmless animation bug relating to Potion's of Dragon's Breath
    • Did the fancy-image thingy to tossed potions and blandfruit
    • Redid the alchemy scripts, reducing file size by ~5kb and strain
    • Fixed the positioning of a recipe in the alchemy guide
    • The player now receives radio messages upon picking up certain items

    • Fixed a bug with deployment 0016. This really only affected new characters and characters that have never used a Potion of Strength
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