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Shattered Alchemy! v8.6.1

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Imbue Elixirs!

    • This patch contains balancing changes
    • This patch contains new items

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Caustic Brew! Splash your enemies with sticky caustic goop!
    • Elixir's of Dragon's Blood, Icy Touch, and Toxic Essence! Imbue yourself with the elements to harness their powers, bolstering your elemental resistance and offensive capabilities!
    (Find out how to make them in the alchemy guide pages scattered around the universe!)

    -=- Buffs -=-
    • Firefruit, Potions of Liquid Flame & Dragon's Breath damage and duration improved!

    -=- Nerfs -=-
    • Thrown potion/brew bottles no longer inflict damage
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