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Shattered Alchemy! v8.5.5h

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Potions of Shrouding Fog added!

    • This patch contains misc improvements, reducing the strain on the user's computer
    • This patch contains balancing changes
    • This patch contains a new item

    -=- Alchemy Guide Pages -=-
    • Added instructions for creating Featherfall and Blobs of Goo
    • Did some stuff with the pages

    -=- New Items -=-
    • Potion's of Shrouding Fog! Blind your enemies, you meanie!
    (They work nothing like how they do in Shattered)

    -=- Alchemy -=-
    • Added a special "what-if" for items with a max stack of 1

    -=- Alchemy - Mass Craft -=-
    • Is now less straining on the computer
    • No longer tries to craft as many items as possible if doing so would consume more than 50 ingredients

    -=- Images -=-
    • Potion's of Frost effect now look cooler(?)
    • Potion's of Snap Freeze got in on Frost's aforementioned swag

    -=- Balancing -=-
    • Blobs of Goo can no longer be crafted from Slime Blocks. Instead, it is crafted by putting a Toxic Waste into each slot of the alchemy interface
    • Potion's of Frost frost clouds speed and duration changed

    silently hopes that I uploaded the right file
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