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Shadow Wolf TJC's Wired Pack 3/7/17

More wiring options for players and (dungeon) modders alike!

  1. Sequencers with even more control!

    Shadow Wolf TJC

    - Added a broken emitter that, despite having an output, never outputs a signal, no matter what. Perhaps this can be used to, say, keep doors, lights, and switches locked shut?
    - Added some more advanced binary sequencers with additional inputs, all of which can be used to directly set the sequencer to a specified state, without having to cycle through any states that are in-between the initial and target states (such as going from 3 straight to 7)!

    Note: Before installing this newer version of this mod, you may have to remove any sequencers that you previously added to your ships and worlds, since the old sequencers' .object files were given a slight name change.
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