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Shadow Wolf TJC's Wired Pack 3/7/17

More wiring options for players and (dungeon) modders alike!

  1. Now with more advanced wiring mechanisms!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    v0.2 Changelog:

    - Added a bunch of more complex wire objects that combine the capabilities of multiple base-game wire objects. Examples include an object that combines an AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, and NXOR Gate with a Data Latch, a switch that combines the functionalities of a Small Wall Switch, a Persistent Switch, a Data Latch, and a Not Gate, and numerous AND, OR, and XOR Gates that have built-in Not Gates, and sometimes built-in Data Latches as well.
    - Added some AND, OR, and XOR Gates with 3 inputs. (Some of them also have built-in Data Latches and Not Gates.) There are plans to add AND, OR, and XOR Gates with 4 inputs as well.
    - Replaced some modified base-game objects with patches for them, to reduce file size and improve compatability with other mods. It's strongly recommended that you remove your previous installation of the Wired Pack!
    - Disclaimer: Since this update introduced AND, OR, and XOR Gates with built-in Not Gates, the NAND, NOR, and NXOR Gates have been rendered pretty much obsolete, and thus, may be removed in a later patch. They've been kept around for the time being, so that those that use this mod have plenty of time to switch to the newer AND, OR, and XOR Gates with built-in Not Gates.
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