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Shadow Wolf TJC's Wired Pack 3/7/17

More wiring options for players and (dungeon) modders alike!

  1. artguk
    Version: 3/7/17
    Stunning modification. My logic circuits have become more logical. Thank you!
  2. leon26leon26
    Version: 5/29/16A
    I was excited to use this, unfortunately It broke my not gates, and newly placed ones didn't work either.
    I hope you can fix this problem.
    1. Shadow Wolf TJC
      Author's Response
      Very late reply, but so much has changed since you posted that review (which, imo, should've belonged to the discussion page). While I can't remember what changes were made, in its current form, the Wired Pack should no longer cause existing wired items, including logic gates, to break.