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Shadow Wolf TJC's Legacy Pack 4/29/17

A blast from the past, as some of your favorite features from the Koala and Giraffe versions return!

  1. Fixing download link.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Seems the old download link is down, so I'll have to renew it. I'm also providing a link to the download's MediaFire page, so that others may opt to download it from there.
  2. Trying to fix download link!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Seems like the download link wasn't working, so I'm trying to redo it.
  3. A long-overdue update, with many new additions!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    The Legacy Pack now has a new mod: Legacy Biomes, which reintroduces a few old minibiomes that were cut from the game (although some creative liberties were taken to add a bit more character to them). They include:

    Toxic Swamp:
    Old Rust Biome:
    Heck Biome:
    20170220205658_1.jpg 20170222151915_1.jpg
  4. Finally, a fix for that pesky no-damage bug that was plaguing certain monsters!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Apparently, the Cleaning Bots, Repair Bots, and Serpent Droids all lacked a defined "powerMultiplier" variable, but that's since been fixed with this update.
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  5. You should now be able to download this mod directly without being redirected to MediaFire.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Just figured it out by now while updating another of my mods, so hopefully, this should make future downloads more streamlined for you guys. :)
  6. Some more bug fixes.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Just a small update that should fix some bugs regarding monster generation. However, I've had to temporarily take out the Repair Bots, since they were experiencing glitchy behavior.
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  7. A few bug fixes with some monsters and npcs.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Although it hasn't been tested yet, hopefully, everything's fixed, especially with colourful villager outfits, cleaning bots, repair bots, serpent droids, and shroomlings.
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  8. Some format changes.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    I've reformatted the mod's assets, by adding prefixes to most of them, so as to mitigate most of the conflicts that the mod could have with other mods that would likewise attempt to restore beta content, especially Frackin' Universe. Unfortunately, this would probably break existing planets that have used previous versions of this mod.
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  9. Quick hotfix!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Forgot to actually add all of the dungeons to all of the biomes. I also snuck in the old Avian Tower dungeons.
  10. Finally, an update (albeit an unstable one) for the full release of Starbound!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Well, I'm back, and I've noticed that quite alot has changed in Starbound while I was away. Unfortunately, it seems as if many features were cut from the game, including a few (micro)dungeons, monsters, npcs, biomes, weapons, etc. Because of this, I've decided to expand the Legacy Dungeons mod into a mod pack full of stuff that was cut from the game, although, for now, this only contains the dungeons and microdungeons, and their associated monsters and npcs, that were cut from the game....