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Shadow Wolf TJC's Legacy Pack 4/29/17

A blast from the past, as some of your favorite features from the Koala and Giraffe versions return!

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Note: If you're having trouble downloading this mod pack from here, then try downloading it straight from its MediaFire page: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7tltqxtlrezv474/Shadow+Wolf+TJC's+Legacy+Pack.zip

    With the jump from the older versions to the newer ones, it seems as if many features that were present in the older versions were cut from the newer ones. This mod pack aims to reintroduce all sorts of features, including microdungeons, regular dungeons, NPCs, monsters, and (later on) entire biomes and weapons, that were cut from the game.

    The download comes with the following major mods:

    1. Legacy Dungeons: (Priority 1)

    Reintroduces the dungeons that were cut from the release version of Starbound, most notably, the Sci-Fi Dungeon with the low gravity and the strange guards, as well as Floran Prisons, Human Bunkers, etc.! It also introduces a Wrecked Ship for players to explore, sometimes underwater even, as well as underground tunnels where Frog Merchants may reside, or where mining activity was once frequent. Quests may even send players to these dungeons!

    2. Legacy Microdungeons: (Priority 1)

    Reintroduces many microdungeons that were present in earlier versions. Some of them were tweaked to accommodate the harsh conditions on certain planets (especially volcanic ones, where fire rain is a hazard), and yes, quests can now lead players to them as well.

    3. Legacy Monsters and NPCs: (Priority 1)

    Reintroduces some of the monsters and npcs that were cut from the game, including Human Bunker guards and pyros, Floran Prison guards and prisoners, skeletal birds, serpent droids, etc. Note: Required in order for the above 2 mods to work!


    The download also comes with the following minor mods that, as of the most recent release date, will be needed in order for the above mods to work. They're structured like this, so as to improve cross-mod compatability with eachother:


    4. NPC Fixes: (Priority -100)

    This fixes a number of glitches that, as of this mod pack's latest release date, have yet to be fixed. Recommended if you're using the Legacy Monsters and NPCs mod (and, by extension, Legacy Dungeons and Legacy Microdungeons).

    5. Missing Biome Placeables Fixer, Missing Planetary Layer Fixer, Missing Layer Stat Fixer: (All Priority -100)

    While these "compatability-bridging utility mods" might become obsolete in a future date, depending on whether or not Chucklefish decides to include their features in a future patch, as of now, they're needed in order for the Legacy Dungeons and Legacy Microdungeons mods to function, since they provide the critical infrastructure that these mods need in order to work properly (especially with regards to spawning the Wrecked Ships in the bottom of ocean floors). The reason why they weren't built into the mods themselves was so that they could become more compatable with other mods, especially those that likewise depend on these "utility mods" (such as the Dungeons Everywhere! mods).
    Is it me, or do the guards at the entrance of these Sci-Fi Dungeons sound a bit different?
    They definitely do sound different, don't they?
    This ship must've seen better days, eh?
    Hopefully, the previous inhabitants could breathe underwater, right?
    Don't ask how I've managed to get to this wreck, which lies at the bottom of an ocean of magma...
    Don't drink the water!
    What is this, a robot graveyard?
    Welcome to Heck! Make yourself at home!
    20170222151915_1.jpg 20170220205658_1.jpg

    Disclaimer: This mod may be freely used in mod compilations, or its assets altered or redistributed, provided that those doing so notify me, and credit me.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Introvert
    Version: 4/29/17
    having an issue with this mod. i downloaded all the 6 dungeon mod packs and the legacy pack. i extracted them all so their folder names said the name of the mod and dropped them into the mods folder yet when i launch it it crashes saying it requires the dependency of "legacy dungeons" so idk what i did wrong :( hopefully i can get some help
  2. NeoslayerX
    Version: 4/29/17
    Were any of these included in FU?
    1. Shadow Wolf TJC
      Author's Response
      It wouldn't surprise me if they were, but ask Sayter just in case.
  3. hellenicshaco
    Version: 4/29/17
    Nice mod :)
  4. xaliber
    Version: 10/29/16
    Excellent. Does only what it says. Even better, it's modular, so you can choose what you like!

    One thing though, I notice there are several NPCs that are not included, like Tomb Zombie, Castle Royal Guard, Castle Guard Lookout, and Castle Guard. Why is it I wonder?
    1. Shadow Wolf TJC
      Author's Response
      Simple: By the time that the release version of Starbound came about, they were replaced (or possibly just renamed). More specifically, the Tomb Zombies were replaced by Tombkeepers, and the Castle Guards were replaced by more friendly versions alongside the more friendly Castle Lords (presumably due to the addition of the more menacing Evil Glitch Castle dungeons). I decided that they didn't need to be rolled back to their beta states, although I have rolled back the Tombkeepers' dialogue (along with the Miniknog Scientist's and Avian Temple Guard's dialogue).
  5. Queshnaba
    Version: 10/29/16
    Awesome mod. Me and my friends are loving the return of the old dungeons. I only ask this because I haven't come across a human bunker yet but are old lore files and weapons included with the recreation of these dungeons?
  6. Multistream
    Version: 10/13/16
    Great. But i am having problem understanding that (im not good at english)

    "The reason why they weren't built into the mods themselves was so that they could become more compatable with other mods, especially those that likewise depend on these "utility mods"".

    U mean those Fixers are fixing that some dungeons are not spaw, but they may be uncompatible with other mods or future updates? And i want legacy pack to work with extra dungeons, what should i do?
    1. Shadow Wolf TJC
      Author's Response
      By extra dungeons, you're talking about this mod, right? (http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/extra-dungeons-for-version-1-1.3285/)

      If so, then while I haven't thoroughly tested it myself, it doesn't look like there should be any conflicts between it and any of my mods, including the utility mods needed for the Legacy Pack. Simply put, I believe that you should be fine running both it and the Legacy Pack mods. (By the way, I believe that that mod should be called "Extra Missions" instead, since it's more fitting.)
  7. Nuto
    Version: 6/2/15
    Great, this make me happy.