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Serra Cruiser 2020-07-22

Cruise in space with style!

  1. DarioDC
    Version: 2020-07-22
    Awesome work!! I love any new ship since the base human has a weird shape plus also love to spend time cusomizing the rooms. Been using your other Serra ships but this one is my favorite. Thank you very much!!
  2. wickedlord
    Version: 2020-07-22
    I love it! Its perfect I only play as humans so its great although I wish you added like beds tables and chairs and a few human guards it would be great but still i loved it and im glad I was the first to download this mod. Thank you!
    1. iroaseta
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Ships usually don't come with furniture so I keep it that way. As for the human guards you can either use the tenants or crew members to fill them up. I'm glad that you like this ship. :)