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Scientist Outfit Pack 1.5.1

Be the scientist you always wanted to be!

  1. Mega revamp

    Mega update! This mod needed a spit shine. It was not up to standard as my other mods.

    File names have been standardised and all items of clothing has had their images improved. I kept the old items in the mod so there won't be any crashes from missing assets. You will need to craft a new science vending machine (as it's filename has been updated as well). All outdated items have had their description changed.
  2. This mod now requires Skittle's Mega Crafter

  3. Optimised pngs with PNG Gauntlet

  4. Vending machine

    Slick v2 n v3 available + new specs
    Clothing recipes have been removed, you can now craft a scientist vending machine at the inventor's table for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.
  5. Forgot Dex Specs blueprint. Added Flubber.

    Forgot Dex Specs blueprint.
    Added Flubber Statue. Craft at tier 3 Inventor's Table.

  6. Forgot Frink n Raunchy Blueprints

    Forgot blueprints included for frink and raunchy set
    Fixed nakie descs