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Saner Volcanic Worlds 1.2.1

Procedurally generated Volcanic worlds not filled with flammable structures

  1. Update for 1.4 and more

    While the previous version of Saner Volcanic Worlds wasn't incompatible with Starbound 1.4, this version enhances compatibility. It should also still be compatible with Starbound 1.3.x, but I'd highly recommend the upgrade.
    • Adopted the one change to a pre-1.4 surface biome dungeon in Starbound 1.4. (A catapult was added to one of the parts of the Glitch Evil Fortress that I don't think can even generate in vanilla.)
    • Prevented the few flammable 1.4 bounty microdungeons from spawning on volcanic worlds. There should be enough non-flammable versions of each type of microdungeon to make all missions completable and still give reasonable variety.
    • Re-enabled the Apex Rebel Camp on volcanic worlds. The version of the camp that will spawn on volcanic worlds is non-flammable.
    • Prevented the Bioluminescence mini biome from spawning on volcanic worlds. I missed this in 1.0.0. This biome will basically disintegrate immediately on contact with ember rain.
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