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[SAMPI] Custom Farming on Nexus

Add custom objects to the game

  1. Update for SDV 1.11 & SDV 1.2

    - All downloads moved to Nexus.
    - All features are now available in both versions (SDV 1.11 & SDV 1.2)
  2. 0.5.4

    Minor Bug fixes
    Added support for Mailbox
  3. 0.5.3

    Fixes produce shadows in menu and description
  4. 0.5.2 Crafting Menu

    As of this update Machines are delivered through the regular Crafting Menu.
    Machines that don't have a "Crafting" Parameter set will be craftable for 30 Wood ("Crafting" : "388 30")
  5. 0.5.1

    Fixes the fridge-bug
  6. 0.5.0 SDV 1.2 + SMAPI 1.9 update

    0.5.0 is the first version to support SDV 1.2 + SMAPI 1.9, it may not work with older versions. is still available for download here.
  7. 0.4.9

    Fixed bug that occured when machines were placed in sheds.
    Added AnimationSpeed parameter
    Custom Machines can now be placed anywhere
  8. Custom Farming 0.4.8

    Fixed saving for machines that were placed in buildings.
    Fixed issue where machines could not be placed in the greenhouse.
    Fixed issue where some machines could not be removed.

    Added new parameter, mainly relating to item qualities.
  9. Custom Farming 0.4.7

    New Example: Grill. Fixed issue where objects would stop working on the next day.