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S3r1ous Mods 125

Compatible with the latest version. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. Redacted Edition Up

    *readme's now in root mods folder
    Combustible Lemons 0.99 by gp2.exe
    More Mechs 1.0 by Onilink

    VitsotU by Dracyoshi
    Industrialization: Starbound Edition 0.7.2 RC8 by DraLUSAD (NOT INCLUDED, USE ALTERNATIVE ONE FROM TXT)
    Ammo Overhaul (AMN) 4.1 Archery 101 by Wurmheart
    Arcane Add On 1.11 by Seterwind
    Frackin Flora 2.4a by sayter
    Spacebound .8 by MoonOne
    Hemp Craft 1.2 by Gothboy77 (NOT INCLUDED, USE ALTERNATIVE ONE FROM TXT)
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