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S3r1ous Mods 124

Compatible with the latest version. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. 111

    estorage.pak - Enhanced Storage 5.4.2 by NeoVanAlemania http://bit.ly/1QQDB1k

    biab.pak - Base in a Box 2.0.1 by Pilchenstein http://bit.ly/1Qwyqmf
    egui.pak - Extended GUI 2.9 by v6ooo http://bit.ly/1MDEn06
    ezooml.pak - Extra Zoom Levels+Adaption 1.0.5 by Patchumz, Mooncalf99 http://bit.ly/2aKRj7q
    fracuniv.pak - Frackin' Universe by sayter http://bit.ly/1AKLaTo
    miab.pak - Modules in a Box by Pilchenstein, MadTulip
    obound.pak - Optimizebound 1.2 by OzonSF http://bit.ly/2pHeeLt

    Took out Improved Containers for now, seems to conflict with something
    Took out Tabula Rasa until it gets updates because its become very slow and has a lot of broken recipes
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