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S3r1ous Mods 119

Linux/Mac Compatible. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. 103

    btablep.modpak - BlockTable Plus Compatible 1.2 by shardshunt http://bit.ly/1MUdztD
    pplanets.modpak - Peculiar Planets 1.0.2 by Broconut http://bit.ly/1Oaffgn

    fracuniv.modpak - Frackin' Universe 3.55hotfix by sayter http://bit.ly/1AKLaTo
    critters.modpak - More CrittersNScenery (vanilla) 2.3 by ThunderBird123 http://bit.ly/1jFmBzF
    critterf.modpak - More CrittersNScenery (Frackin' Universe Support)
    mscene.modpak - More Scenery (part of More CrittersNScenery)
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