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Outdated RWBYbound - Universe & Weaponry 4.0 Upbeat Giraffe

The weapons of Monty Oum's RWBY

  1. RWBYbound - Myrtenaster + Milo weapons plus addition tweaks.

    I was aiming to keep this update held until the update incoming this week or the next, but I felt it had been long enough since the last one. Plus, this time, we've got some nice new weapons for you to try out.

    No major changes have been made to the Ember Celica and the Crescent Rose in this update.

    -Set most recipes for weapons and a 1 iron bar and two pixels. This is to make it easier to get the items during the early access phase with the presence of wipes. Additionally, a more cohesive recipe is being worked on for all weapons which will allow you to gather certain world items to make them. For now, they will remain with these placeholder recipe requirements.

    Gambol Shroud:-
    -Fourth form for the Gambol Shroud has been fully implemented. Gambol Shroud [Missile] is displayed in Rapier form but shoots as it does in gun form. Added for aesthetic looks or if you want to choose between one or the other.

    -Added Myrtenaster [Burn] and Myrtenaster [Frost]
    -Both have gun properties
    -[Burn] will fire a short range volley of fire for a low amount of damage. Energy cost for this weapon is low, but it can also deal a lofty amount of damage with its burn status. It also acts as a permanent torch for cave exploration.
    -[Frost] fires a quick fire, high damage array of frost bolts. It requires some charging between uses.

    Milo and Akouo
    -Added Milo [Rifle], Milo [Sword],Milo [Javelin] and Akouo [Shield]
    -[Rifle] operates like a two handed gun.
    -[Javelin] is throwable. It has a cooldown between its use before it can be thrown again. (Polarity)
    -[Sword] A one handed weapon that can be used in conjuction with Akouo.
    -Akouo has been added (Graphics are there) but not yet fully implemented. (Still need to work out the kinks with shields.)
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