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Ruin Overhaul 1.0.2

Complete overhaul of the Ruin boss fight

  1. Lunar Eye Gaming
    This mod contains flashing lights and other content that may cause discomfort in people with photosensitive epilepsy.
    This mod is completely untested in multiplayer; expect a few balancing issues and/or bugs.

    A few years back, I collaborated in a project that aimed to improve Starbound. Sadly, that project never got off the ground, but a byproduct of this collaboration was the foundation of a mod that aimed to overhaul the Ruin's boss fight. Fueled by the desire to flesh out the Ruin, I decided to develop the mod to its conclusion. This is that mod.

    The Ruin Overhaul mod aims to make the Ruin less of a dragged-out, dull battle by buffing its current attacks and adding new ones to test your skills.

    Changes (not comprehensive):
    • Reworks the original attacks to be more challenging but fair.
    • Adds some new challenging attacks, along with two brand new phases.
    • Reworks the Asra Nox battle to be much more difficult and moves her into the middle of the fight.
    • Replaces the battle music with "The Eternal Tide" as a more fitting track for the battle against the Ruin (if you want to revert this change, consider installing this mod).
    • Changes the tentacle animation of the Ruin.
    • Adds a biome image for "hellscape" (Bobfae swarm).
    • Fixes the light shafts during the death animation not appearing consistently.
    • Adds names and descriptions to all the tentacle monsters.
    • Fixes the hitboxes of the tentacle ghost and tentacle spawner.
    • Adds sound effects to the tentacle ghost.

    Installing this mod is straightforward for the most part. Simply follow the download link, download the .pak file or the source code and place it in your "mods" folder.

    It is compatible with Frackin' Universe.
    It should also be compatible with my other mods.
    However, Supper's Combat Overhaul is likely to cause significant issues with the overhauled Ruin.

    The Ruin Overhaul mod uses patches to make changes to vanilla assets. I also added a custom flag in each patch file to indicate that this mod patched each corresponding file. To add patches of your own that only work when this mod is installed, simply add the following code segment, wrapping your normal patches in square brackets ("[" and "]"):
    // Use the custom flag to check if Ruin Overhaul is installed

    "op" : "test",
    "path" : "/appliedPatchSets/RuinOverhaul_v1"
    // Add the changes you want to make when Ruin Overhaul is installed here.
    Do not forget to add a comma where appropriate so that no errors occur. Your patch file should look like this when you are done:

    // Use the custom flag to check if Ruin Overhaul is installed

    "op" : "test",
    "path" : "/appliedPatchSets/RuinOverhaul_v1"
    // Add the changes you want to make when Ruin Overhaul is installed here.

    // Other patch operations
    // ...
    The number after the "v" will increment each time I change the patches made to a single file. For example, if I patched the spacemonsterspawner projectile on initial release to be one way, then later posted an update to patch it another way, the number after the "v" would be 2 instead of 1. Feel free to use a similar flag system in your patches.

    All new assets are prefixed with "ruin-" (or "ruin_" if the "-" is not usable)

    I would like to thank Portal Mech for playtesting and providing feedback and ideas for the Ruin Overhaul mod. I would also like to thank Ryu Ketsueki and several members of the Starbound Discord server for providing feedback too.

    All custom sounds were made in Audacity using vanilla Starbound's assets

    Screenshots were taken in the Steam version of Starbound with Steam Workshop mods installed. Additional mods used in screenshots: Stardust Core Lite, Better Action Bar & Icons, Refined Cursors

    GitHub Repository
    Steam Version

    Click on one of the screenshots below to view all of them in full.
    Reworked Attacks Screenshot.png New Attacks Screenshot.png Reworked Asra Nox Battle Screenshot.png FU Compatible Screenshot.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Release 1.0.2
  2. Release 1.0.1