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RPG Growth 1.73

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.34 - Ninja Hardcore Fix

    It has come to my attention that I'm an idiot who forgot to test for something, so Ninja's were slightly broken in Hardcore Mode. I have since remedied this issue.

    See the patch notes on the Google Doc for more information.
  2. Patch 1.33 - Fixed Affinity Bug

    Patch 1.33 is out.

    Fixed bug where Overload Status applied if no Affinity was selected.
    Lucaine's Energy Whip now scales with Dexterity instead of Strength.
    Rogue and Ninja can now use Lucaine's Energy Whip on Hardcore.
    Upgrade Scroll costs lowered to 5 Mastery Points from 8, and now require 15x their respective elemental item.
    Upgrade Tab added to Mysterious Book, but Upgrades are still not implemented.
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  3. Patch 1.32 - Removed Quest Necessity

    See Changelog for details.

    In any case, removed need for the 'One For All' quest, and made some changes to Guardian drops to make them more rewarding.

    Also changed the Rogue's Toxic Sphere to allow for Consumption, the ability to increase Hunger (decrease the Hunger Bar) to increase Heath and Energy.

    Some balance changes, especially to first-stage Affinities.
  4. Multiplayer XP Quest

    See patch notes in Google Doc.

    Added ability to share XP in Multiplayer via a quest.
    Fixed some minor bugs.
  5. Major Update 1.3 - Mastery and Tech Rework

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  6. Patch 1.25

    See Google Doc for full patch notes!

    Short description:
    • Fixed some quest bugs, text mistakes, and recipe errors.
    • Added Affinity Upgrade Scrolls that drop from Guardians.
    This was uploaded some time after the Steam upload: thus, if I made a game-crashing error before packing the mod, please notify me immediately! Thanks! :)
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  7. Patch 1.24 Fixed

    See Original Patch 1.24 For Changes.
  8. Patch 1.24 Revert -> 1.23

    Changed back because something went awry.
  9. Patch 1.24

    All Quest Items (Spiral Energy, Gun Parts, Dying Stars, Ether, Meteoric Metal, and Parasitic Goo) are now dropped through Fills instead of Pools, meaning their drop rates are more fine-tuned and cannot be distilled by other mods.

    In addition, higher tiered enemies, target enemies (found in doc), and enemies that have been hunted using bows yield items at a much higher rate.

    For example, consider a Spookit (Regular Ether Drop) and a Gosmet (Target Ether Drop).
    • At Tier 1, Spookit...
  10. Patch 1.23

    Removed lag with 1-Handed FU Weapons caused by sub-optimal weapon name check.