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RPG Growth 1.73

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.42d

    Oathkeeper's alt ability fixed for Starbound 1.4.

    Passive Bounty Criminals can now be captured.

    Some New Lore Added.

    Spiral Energy and Spiral Power now use better sprites created by Samey the Hedgehog on Steam.

    AI entities no longer track entities that are invisible or using camouflage.

    Class Item and Weapon Blueprints now given through the quest itself, rather than only unlocked via the items/weapons, so that players may still get the Blueprints if their inventory is full when...
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  2. Patch 1.42c

    Changelog is now viewable in game! Go to the Lore Tab (L) in the Mysterious Book.
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  3. Patch 1.42b

    • Class Balance:
      • Soldier:
        • Versa:
          • Ricochet bullets now only tracks enemies.
        • Tank Sphere:
          • Missile now only tracks enemies.
      • Knight:
        • Vital Aegis:
          • Explosion hitboxes improved.
      • Ninja:
        • Aether:
          • Base DPS of all stages lower drastically to better fit one-handed weapons, and due to the stacking damage.
          • Kunai Damage decreased
          • Kunai now only tracks enemies....
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  4. Update 1.42

    • Class Balance:
      • Ninja:
        • Weapon:
          • Aether Shurikens replaced with Tantos. You can still use the shurikens, but they have been phased out of use for now.
          • Aether:
            • Always cause Bleed.
          • Shadow Aether:
            • Increased Damage. Final Combo Step releases an energy kunai when Energy is available.
          • Blood Aether:
            • Increased Damage. Consecutive hits with Blood Aether increase Power for a short time. Energy Kunai improved:...
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  5. Minor Patch 1.41g

    Fixed Medic Salve Recipes showing up in hand-crafting.
  6. Major Patch 1.41f

    • Mechanics:
      • Added Pioneer, an Explorer Specialization
    • Professions:
      • 4 Professions Added!
      • Miner, Tamer, Medic, and Engineer!
    • Class Balance:
      • Knight:
        • Masteroids now use Target Pool (was accidentally set to regular pool), increasing overall Meteoric Metal drops.
    • General:
      • Third Tier Class Weapons, Specialization Weapons, and RPG Growth Objects are now marked as ‘Essential’ so that they are easier...
  7. Patch 1.41e

    • Mechanics:
      • Experience Orbs:
        • Boss Experience drops were doubled.
          • This does not include Shockhopper and Dreadwing
      • Specializations:
        • Cannoneer: Rogue Specialization
    • Weapon Balance:
      • Nova:
        • All version of Nova now cause Nova Status for 10 seconds rather than 5.
        • You can now Shift-Right Click to change to Nova from any Element, and then do so once more to change back to the one you were on....
  8. Patch 1.41d

    • Mechanics:
      • Specializations
        • Valkyrie: Female Knight Specialization
    • Weapon Balance:
      • Scaling:
        • Scythes now scale with Dexterity or Strength, similar to Katanas.
      • Luxuria:
        • Base Damage Halved!
        • Combo Damage Multiplier increases by 0.25 instead of 0.5.
      • Nova:
        • Decreased Base Damage
        • Stage 1 Nova now Level 3 (was accidentally set to Level 5)
      • Dragon’s Bane:
        • Base Damage...
  9. Patch 1.41c

    • Mechanics:
      • Experience
        • Experience Orbs will now drop in higher quantities on Tier 3 planets and higher, making it easier to reach higher levels.
        • Scrolls now drop in addition to Experience, rather than replacing Experience.
      • Specializations
        • Dragoon: Knight & Soldier Specialization
    • Class Balance:
      • Wizard:
        • Translocate: During cooldown period, Energy will not regenerate. This nerf is so that Translocate...
  10. Patch 1.41b

    • Mechanics:
      • Experience Orbs:
        • Experience Orbs should drop from more treasure pools thanks to code and patch files from Hiran.
      • Experience Sharing:
        • Experience is now shared even when a player at max Experience (500000) picks up Experience Orbs.
      • Specializations: one new Specialization!
        • Titan: Soldier Specialization
    • UI:
      • Overview:
        • Rally Mode:
          • Toggle now properly activates Rally...