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RPG Growth 1.92

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Major Update 1.6

    Changed Class Quests, improved Class Item and Weapon recipes.
    Added new Enemy Types for use with Class Quests, as well as lore for each one.

    Added new craftable Tungsten Wands.

    Improved some old Class Techs (like Vanish Sphere and Controlled Hover),
    Abilities (Soldier's One-Handed Bonus Damage),
    and Weapons (Aether Tanto, Nova Staff).

    Fixed some bugs and issues.

    Added a toggle-able floating XP Bar.
    Added a shortcut to open the Mysterious Book, as long as you have a Class Tech equipped. (Hold Shift and quickly triple-tap Crouch).

    Improved True Understanding Skills to give a very small bonus when active.
    Improved Tamer passive to only work on captured monsters.

    Added compatibility with Equivalent Exchange.

    Slightly changed Hunter's Cloak (now de-cloaks after doing damage to prevent invisible dagger spam).
    Valkyrie lore now properly unlocks.

    As always, check the in-game Changelog for more specifics (L tab in Mysterious Book).
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