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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.42d

    Oathkeeper's alt ability fixed for Starbound 1.4.

    Passive Bounty Criminals can now be captured.

    Some New Lore Added.

    Spiral Energy and Spiral Power now use better sprites created by Samey the Hedgehog on Steam.

    AI entities no longer track entities that are invisible or using camouflage.

    Class Item and Weapon Blueprints now given through the quest itself, rather than only unlocked via the items/weapons, so that players may still get the Blueprints if their inventory is full when receiving the Quest Reward.

    Enhanced Dash, Wall Cling, Flash Step, Shadow Step, and Magic Shield improved.

    Added Captain: New Explorer Specialization.

    Bone Pteropods spawned using Reap now follow the player (including teleportation if far away).

    Terra Nova now includes Teleport Bookmarks thanks to a new Lua function in Starbound 1.4.

    As always, check in game for more detailed patch notes.
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