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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Update 1.42

    • Class Balance:
      • Ninja:
        • Weapon:
          • Aether Shurikens replaced with Tantos. You can still use the shurikens, but they have been phased out of use for now.
          • Aether:
            • Always cause Bleed.
          • Shadow Aether:
            • Increased Damage. Final Combo Step releases an energy kunai when Energy is available.
          • Blood Aether:
            • Increased Damage. Consecutive hits with Blood Aether increase Power for a short time. Energy Kunai improved: seeks targets; time to live improves as the Increased Power from Blood Aether’s passive increases.
        • Weapon Bonus:
          • 110% Base Power with Daggers, Whips, and Chakrams changed to 120% Base Power with Tantos, Daggers, Whips, and Chakrams.
        • Upgrade Chips:
          • Vampire’s Caress:
            • No longer provides Rage.
          • Blood Seeker:
            • Renamed to Subterfuge.
            • Energy Kunai leave behind clouds of disorienting smoke and explode on impact with walls.
    • Profession Balance:
      • Medic:
        • Uses fast-acting healing items first.
        • Prioritizes better healing items.
      • Miner:
        • Billon Coin recipe only gives 1 Billon Coin now.
        • Billon Coin refining yield lowered to 35 Pixels from 40.
        • Status properly lists Miner.
    • Specialization Balance:
      • Dragoon:
        • Dragon’s Bane:
          • Holding Primary Fire charges a meteor projectile.
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