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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.41e

    • Mechanics:
      • Experience Orbs:
        • Boss Experience drops were doubled.
          • This does not include Shockhopper and Dreadwing
      • Specializations:
        • Cannoneer: Rogue Specialization
    • Weapon Balance:
      • Nova:
        • All version of Nova now cause Nova Status for 10 seconds rather than 5.
        • You can now Shift-Right Click to change to Nova from any Element, and then do so once more to change back to the one you were on. Right-Click still works as normal.
        • As compensation for bug-fix that had raised damage, Increased Base Damage
        • These three changes increases maximum DPS and Burst Damage by allowing you to switch between Nova, Fire, and Ice much faster.
    • Specialization Balance:
      • Vigilante:
        • Unlock now allows defeating Cultists, Prisoners, and Evil Knights
    • Bug Fixes
      • Nova explosions no longer sometimes hits enemies twice.
      • Rush, Danger Close, Epimetheus, and Resurgence now only trigger once on any given monster. Because of strange lua behavior, they were occasionally triggering twice, sometimes even more, for monsters hit by many attacks near-death.
      • Challenge progress for bosses was given the same change, but this may cause some unintended effects. Guess we’ll see.
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