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RPG Growth 1.5-f

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Minor Update 1.41a

    • Mechanics:
      • Specializations: 1 new Specialization!
        • Kunoichi: Female Ninja Specialization
      • Armor:
        • Armor has been changed to work like FU’s Armor: 100 Armor no longer fully nullifies all damage.
        • Because of this, the Armor scales of different items, NPCs, etc. have been changed to work like FU as well. These changes are ripped straight from FU, meaning they will not overwrite anything important.
    • UI:
      • Overview Tab:
        • Added New Feature
          • Rally Mode
            • Includes a button to toggle and an indicator to note whether it is active or not.
            • Rally Mode causes enemies in a large radius to deal more damage and move faster the higher your level. They also receive damage reduction when near other enemies. Be careful out there!
            • Because of the way this buff is applied, this may introduce lag when playing with other players or when there are many enemies nearby.
      • Specialization Tab:
        • Now updates continuously, not just when picking up XP. This allows you to see Specialization Progress in realtime.
        • The Specialization you are viewing before choosing one no longer resets back to the first one upon picking up XP.
        • Specialization Unlock progress is now shown if possible.
      • All:
        • Removed egregious ‘a’ in Feedback Loop Upgrade text.
    • Class Balance:
      • Ninja:
        • Now can properly wield Two-handed Katanas in Classic Mode
    • Specialization Balance:
      • Vigilante:
        • Deprecated code that provided more energy than stated upon killing Bandits and Outlaws was removed.
      • Necromancer:
        • Necromancer now receives no damage penalty when using their For Us All scythe.
        • Necromancer can now use all Scythes, regardless number of hands needed to wield the Scythe.
    • Stat Balance:
      • Agility:
        • Now raises Swim Speed as well. You’re a kid, you’re a squid.
        • While walking (holding [Shift] and moving), your Jump Height is not affected by Agility.
      • Strength:
        • Because of the changes to Armor, Strength now provides 0.2 Armor per level instead of 0.0025 Physical Resistance.
        • See Endurance for what this entails!!!
      • Endurance:
        • Because of the changes to Armor, Endurance now increases Physical Resistance by 0.5 for each level rather than 0.75, similar to all other Resistances.
          • For example, let’s take a Knight at 50 Endurance and Strength:
            • Previously 77.93% Physical Resistance.
            • Now 36.97% Physical Resistance.
        • Because of this, however, Endurance now provides 0.4 Armor per level.
          • A Knight at 50 Endurance and Strength receives 42.38 Armor.
          • This is approximately a 57.34% Damage Reduction without other Armor sources in mind.
        • It may seem like this gives you more damage reduction over all, but keep the following in mind:
          • First, more Physical Resistance means less Fall Damage, whereas more Armor does not mean less Fall Damage. Because of this, Fall Damage is now more of a threat to high Endurance and Strength builds than it was before!
          • Second, Physical Resistance and Resistance granted from Armor are not additive, they are multiplicative. Thus, even at ~99% Physical Resistance and 100+ Armor, you will still receive at least 1 Damage from Physical Damage.
          • Third, most Techs will keep Physical Resistance, but some Passive Abilities will change from Physical Resistance to an equivalent amount of Armor. Thus, it will be way more difficult to reach Physical Immunity with simple Passive Abilities!
      • Because of the changes to Strength, Endurance, and Agility, a Class and Affinity Reset Scroll will be rewarded upon first launch on any character.
    • Upgrade Chips
      • Feedback Loop:
        • Feedback Loop now properly applies Rage when Overload is applied. Only applies the buff on initial application of Overload, which means that extending the timer of Overload on an enemy that already has it will not apply Rage again.
    • Weapons:
      • Solus Katana:
        • Patched to be tagged as a Katana.
      • Katanas:
        • Now appropriately scale with Dexterity, regardless of whether or not they are wielded with two hands.
      • Specialization Weapons:
        • Specialization Weapons will no longer be set to 0% Power when used out of Classic Mode. Thus, you can use them as normal weapons as long as you’ve unlocked them and have Classic Mode turned off.
        • Specialization Weapons will receive a 0.25 Power Multiplier when used with the incorrect Specialization in Classic Mode instead of being completely nullified.
          • This modifier is only ever applied once, even when wielding two Specialization Weapons of the wrong Specialization.
    • Tech Balance:
      • Soldier:
        • Energize:
          • Defaults to upwards direction. If [Shift] is held without holding W or S, vertical direction is removed.

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