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RPG Growth 1.92

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Major Update Patch

    1. Overhauled the XP system.
      • Monsters always drop XP, and XP does not replace other drops.
      • Boss Monsters drop slightly more XP.
      • Vault Monsters drop XP.
      • Monster XP drop through Treasure Pools instead of Lua.
      • Special Thanks to Azure Fang
    2. Tech Balance:
      1. All Techs:
        • Cooldowns shown at top left.
        • Wizard Magic Shield
        • Ninja Assassinate
        • Rogue Toxic Aura
        • Rogue Toxic Capsule
        • Rogue Cloud Jump
        • Soldier MRE
        • Soldier Missile Strike
        • Soldier Energy Pack
        • Soldier Marksman
      2. Ninja’s Tech’s:
        • Flash Jump and Wall Cling invulnerability only lasts for the initial boost rather than the whole fall. However, Fall Damage is still be negated.
        • Vanish Sphere prevents Energy Regen while staying still and keeps Energy Reduction while moving. Because of this, the Energy Cost has been reduced. Vanish Sphere sticks to walls much better.
        • Assassinate costs 20 Health instead of 50 Energy. You cannot use this ability with only 20 or less health remaining.
      3. Soldier’s Techs:
        • Missile Strike travels straight down instead of at an angle to make aiming to the left easier. Damage reduced as compensation.
    3. Stat Balance:
      1. Dexterity
        • Provides slightly lower amounts of Fall Damage Reduction (.5%).
        • Provides slightly lower amounts of one handed weapon damage, but applies weapon damage twice when dual wielding (.75%).
        • Provides no weapon damage for wands.
      2. Vitality
        • Health increased by 5% instead of 4 HP.
        • Provides slightly less Hunger Deduction (1%)
      3. Vigor
        • Energy increased by 5% instead of 4 HP.
      4. Endurance
        • Provides slightly more Physical Resistance (.75%).
      5. Intelligence
        • Provides damage while holding wands, and applies weapon damage twice when dual wielding (.75%).
      6. Agility
        • Provides slightly better Fall Damage Reduction (1%).
    4. Effect Balance:
      1. Stun overhauled, as listed below.
        1. Lower Chance
        2. Less Time Overall
        3. Stunned! Text now appears.
      2. Bleeding Status Overhauled.
        • Bleeding Monsters have:
          • -20% Physical Resistance
          • -30% Bleed Poison Resistance
          • -10% Cold Resistance
          • (FU) -20% Radiation Resistance
          • (FU) -10% Cosmic and Shadow Resistance
        • Bleeding! Text changed to Red
    5. Class Balance:
      1. Knight:
        • Knight’s Shield effect no longer procs when a shield is lowered and raised quickly after being hit.
      2. Wizard:
        • Wizard no longer receives an Intelligence scaled bonus with wands (Intelligence does this by itself now).
        • Wand Damage Bonus remains at +10%.
      3. Ninja:
        • Ninja no longer receives Bonus Damage with bows to make way for the Dual-Class Overhaul (Ranger).
        • Bleed Chance changed to +10% and Bleed Length changed to +.4s.
        • Speed and Jump decreased to +10%. Fall Damage Resistance reduced to +20% from +30%.
      4. Soldier
        • Soldier no longer receives Bonus Damage with Rocket Launchers to make way for the Dual-Class Overhaul (Mechanist).
        • Soldier Stun now lasts for a shorter duration, and depends on damage percentage. Effectively, higher damage shots make stun last longer.
        • Soldier Stun has a 10% chance to proc instead of a 20% chance.
        • Soldier's Discipline only activates while Energy is full, instead of relying on health.
      5. Explorer
        • Lowered Brightness of Explorer’s Discovery.
        • Explorer’s Discovery now based off of health.
      6. All
        • Removed colored glow, at behest of users. :(
    6. Weapons
      1. Shurikens
        • Five new Shurikens will be created for use with Ninja. Durasteel, Arc, Infernal, Cryo and Toxic Shurikens.
        • Throwing Stars will given a recipe.
        • Craft these shurikens using the anvil.
    7. UI
      1. Switched the UI to be persistent using Quickbar Mini, rather than requiring a book to save inventory space and remove hassle.
      2. Special Thanks to Azure Fang
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