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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Major Patch 1.41f

    • Mechanics:
      • Added Pioneer, an Explorer Specialization
    • Professions:
      • 4 Professions Added!
      • Miner, Tamer, Medic, and Engineer!
    • Class Balance:
      • Knight:
        • Masteroids now use Target Pool (was accidentally set to regular pool), increasing overall Meteoric Metal drops.
    • General:
      • Third Tier Class Weapons, Specialization Weapons, and RPG Growth Objects are now marked as ‘Essential’ so that they are easier to locate (and because it looks cool).
      • First Tier Class Weapons marked as Rare.
      • Seconds Tier Class Weapons marked as Legendary.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed a bug in Ninja’s Shadow Step where self.dps was not set to 1 if the baseDps parameter was not found in a two handed weapon.
      • Fixed a bug in Phase Shift that tried to modify energy even if it didn’t exist (pets, for example)
      • Fixed a bug where certain Specs could equip weapons that they normally wouldn’t be able to wield.
      • Epimetheus no longer uses energy calculations taken from Danger Close.
      • With the release of Professions, there may be some bugs. Please let me know if you have any crashes!
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