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Roka Race Mod Beta v0.41

Adds fluffy, curious and innovative canines.

  1. Just fixing a small big thing

    So we have now made the basic printed shotgun no longer be made out of non-re-usable parts so now you don't have to break down hundreds of shotguns to make the parts! eheheh..

    (made the breakdown no longer cost 250 basic shotguns hopefully)

    Ok so this update carries with it a lot of new content but its been so long i cant remember half of it, expect new objects, many fixes and other changes. hopefully i can begin adding more to the mod in the semi near future but at least now it should work!

    new objects
    sprite fixes
    new clothing (i think)
    building blocks
    fixed chair error and drop pod error
    many other things, go find em for me.

    let me know if any trouble arises, ill do my best to counter any bugs that you find
  3. Goodies galore~

    lotsa stuff this time around

    -RĂ³ka tenants available
    -racial flag object (transmitter)
    -Fixed Sniper energy cost (may lower further, all guns still need tweaking)
    -got rid of the accidental damage boost on the power generators. will add the effect back later on, unsure where yet.

    other minor fixes here and there and other little tweaks.
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  4. Respawn!

    New custom respawn cinematic unique to the race now available.
  5. Huge fix but at a price...

    My deepest apologies for this.. One of my beta testers encountered an error recently and I've spent several hours last night working on it.. sadly the client side of the fix will cost a full character wipe of Roka characters.. I didn't want it to come to this but the effected code was too deep. there was a missing line for determining the amount of crew that was able to be had per ship tier.. (it was an older ship and i wasnt aware of these lines..) This update fixes it but i tested it on my...
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  6. Small fix

    Fixed the positioning of the facial markings. Forgot to move them when I altered the facial shape a while back.
  7. This better work this time

    Apparently the site doesn't like my hotfix. It didn't update the file. This one should fix it -.- if it doesn't work this time, I'll begin uploading my files to Dropbox instead.
  8. Hotfix for v0.22

    Forgot to register the Roka Gun Depot recipe, this should fix it.