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Roka Race Mod Beta v0.41

Adds fluffy, curious and innovative canines.

  1. Syfe_Fireshard
    Róka Race Mod

    Seeing as I didn't take to the other canine/vulpine/lupine races, once again i said screw it and did it myself.


    To add to this, major changes could cost the player (you) your Roka characters if a deep change/fix is made. I'll do my best to avoid this but recently I found this is a possibility...

    Racial description:
    "A race of seemingly canine humanoids with a knack for mischief and curiosity, leading to their alliance with the Protectorate and inevitable unification. The Róka have been renowned for adapting technologies they come across in their adventures for their own use, for better or for worse. They have sometimes been hired onto crews as engineers, inventors or even traders, occasionally buying things the rest of the crew may find... Questionable."

    I present the Róka. Foxlike canines from space! Before anyone starts complaining, yes, I DID use the base Avali sprite for this. I wanted the digitgrade leg style it had. And yes, I'm using modified Avali clothing. This mod is still a WIP and they are placeholders, I will add more in the future sometime for more variety, but for now you're stuck with one outfitting. I've also made a firearm tier system, as I hated how neglected the ingame firearms have always been.

    This mod includes:

    -Róka playable race
    -Basic clothing options
    -Many variable cosmetic armors, most based off my Avali armor mod
    -Variant head markings (probably more to come)
    -Fully tiered Broadsword set (other weapons to come later on)
    -Full tiers of scaled firearms (including pistols, snipers, auto rifles, and shotguns (pistol and sniper have silenced options) though the shotguns are a bit unbalanced)
    -Semi-custom ship (using re-skinned Soma Explorer Ship, will credit below)
    -bk3k scripted hatches (also will formally credit)
    -A custom ore required for their item creation
    -Custom alloys to be created using above mentioned ore
    -3 workstations to create the content for the race
    -and many other goodies

    Pictures for clicktures:

    No clothing pic for base looks:
    Using beta trench and facial wrap sleeves in brown:
    Full combat gear, using Excalibur helmet and Impervium tier "Paladin" class broadsword:
    Wearing EVA helmet and end-tier autorifle:
    Wearing Tac Heavy helmet with end-tier auto shotgun:

    Special thanks:
    MShadowy for creating the Soma explorer ships used in this mod.
    bk3k for helping me with the hatches and allowing me to use his scripts in them
    RyuujinZERO and Fevix for the original Avali mod

    As per the Creative Commons license, I take no credit for the original content's creation in the Avali, bk3k, and Soma Explorer Ships mods, and I indicate here that I made alterations to fit my needs upon the original content created by the original author(s).
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Just fixing a small big thing
  3. Goodies galore~

Recent Reviews

  1. Koolaid123
    Version: Beta v0.41
    how do I use the mod?
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      if you dont have one already you gotta get a race menu extender such as xbawks or ACCM to make it show up
    Version: Beta v0.41
    Esta bien, lo que le falta o lo que yo no e podido encontrar son colonias...... ¡uno se siente muy solo rodeado de tantas especies que no son como tu!..... es mi oponion
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      lamentablemente las colonias aún no están hechas, pero espero agregarlas más adelante. Espero que entiendas esto, no hablo español, así que utilicé un traductor.
  3. JustGama
    Version: Beta v0.40
    if someone dont no what róka mean its mean fox. in hungarian
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      aha~ someone figured it out :3
  4. FoxBoyKonogo
    Version: Beta v0.26
    Your amazing
  5. shamrock311
    Version: Beta v0.26
    its so awesome
  6. Lokii241
    Version: Beta v0.26
    This is one of my favorite mods hands down. I can't wait till this comes out for the Steam Workshop. Keep up the great work!
  7. fyrekat3
    Version: Beta v0.26
    Could you add this mod on stewm workshop ?
    Becaus is very nice an i would like to play it online more easily.
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      maybe in time. for now i wanna keep it localized here since im still actively working on it. dont wanna issue a game/character altering update without telling people, and with things being still beginning, its a very real possibility.
  8. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: Beta v0.26
    Sure it does use key pieces from other mods. But, honestly, I do think that's a good thing. In fact, I believe lots of mod makers can take a page from other books to learn how to make a good mod.

    That being said, i also think it is nice to have a mod that's still original in it's own way and not so much a Frankenstein-like monster. And by that I mean pieces of other current mods all put together to make a new mod. A nice balance of originality and good working formulas from existing sources is nice. So far, it's only a couple notable similarities which is okay. More balancing with working formulas and originality will certainly lead the mod in a positive direction.

    Currently being a new race, it's already got a pretty good foundation to be fair. It's also got plenty going for it since there's still a lot to be done. Also, because of the Avali structure, it makes it compatible with various Avali-based items. I especially like when mods that normally would not work with other mods can have other mods that work with it.
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      thank you for your review :)
  9. SiFiGeek36
    Version: Beta v0.25
    Dude I have to say Thank you. I love seeing mods that use the Avali Animation because I hold it dear. And when done right it looks and works really well. I hope this will end like all the other good ones Avali, Avikan, Kineptic, and the rest.
    1. Syfe_Fireshard
      Author's Response
      agreed, thanks for the review :D i have many plans for this race.
  10. ocarinaman7
    Version: Beta v0.22
    I've always wanted a true furry race mod so that I can be my fursona :3 thanks Sy~