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Rocketride Fuel Station v.1.2

Industrial non-lunar fuel, take a safe way.

  1. Dandion
    Rocketride Fuel, a glitch industrial starship fuel company greets you!

    Adding a shop in a shop and a conscole variations, mostly for decoration perpous.
    + this mod adds 2 tipes of new fuel, cause I kinda hated that there was only one fuel source in the universe - erchius. I was bothered by that, cause why people would not create fuel from something really filthy and only mine it from hella dangerous moons.

    Talking about filthy, new liquid fuel is poisonous, so don't try swimming in it.

    You can't craft anything from this mod YET (soon you will have the recipies), but you can spawn the shops. To do so you need to type "/admin" and "/spawnitem rrfuel1 1" or "/spawnitem rrfuel2 1".

    the lookz:
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