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Revive Objects 1.1

Revive/Respawn/Checkpoint Objects

  1. 1.1 - New objects(few apex and tier beds)

    New objects:

    -Revive Apex Bed
    -Revive Glorious Leader Painting
    -Revive Apex Pod
    -Revive Big Ape Bust
    -Revive Big Ape Monument
    -Revive Classic Bed

    -Mission Checkpoint
    -Revive Iron Bed
    -Revive Tungsten Bed
    -Revive Titanium Bed
    -Revive Durasteel Bed

    Beds are usable as normal beds, you can sleep on them :)
    Apex Pod is also usable.


    1. revive_apexbed.jpg
    2. revive_apexbigapebust.jpg
    3. revive_apexbigapemonument.jpg
    4. revive_apexclassicbed.jpg
    5. revive_apexpainting1.jpg
    6. revive_apexpod.jpg
    7. revive_tier1bed.jpg
    8. revive_tier2bed.jpg
    9. revive_tier3bed.jpg
    10. revive_tier4bed.jpg