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Revised Mining Tools 2.2

Returns craftable picks and drills, boosts mining tool stats, and adds new mining tool tiers.

  1. Update June 08, 2019 (2.01 hotfix)

    Unfortunately, this mod's compatibility with ExtendedGUI has been suspended. Whether this is temporary or permanent has yet to be seen, but the patch used to make it compatible was causing the entire crafting interface to be thrown out of whack and had to be removed. It should be compatible with other mods so long as they do not alter the crafting interface. Most notably, it is still compatible with Frackin' Universe. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

    2.0 update:

    Holy moly, it's been a while hasn't it? Let's get the most important part out of the way - this mod is officially back on Steam! That means if I decide to mess around with tool durability again you can experience it in real time. Don't worry though, if that happens the numbers will only ever go up.

    Doubled all of the tools' durability (except the gold tools) and increased the durabilty of the laser miner to 10,000, because I realized that stuff breaking all the time is actually kind of annoying.

    Also to answer a few people's questions:

    This mod is acting weird with this other mod, can you fix it?
    Probably not. This whole mod was a basic hackjob anyway. Sorry.

    Can you make the laser mining tool behave like the giant mining laser on the mechs?
    Nope, sorry. Not lazy, I just know my limits.

    "Why do the gold tools break instantly?"
    Because I thought it was funny.
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