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Return to Earth 1.4.1

Adds a new mission and final boss to the game.

  1. Return to Earth

    Joseph K

    One thing I've noticed is that the steam thread for Starbound mods has a much tougher crowd, this announcement is mostly directed towards that crowd. I've read your comments, and I guess I have to agree that the underground section is quite bland, and some of the bosses are pretty bad. So I've decided I'm going to somewhat overhaul the mission. But there's one problem; when it comes to general mission design I have a really hard time coming up with ideas. So I decided I'd like to hear some of yours. If you want to help influence the future of this mod then you can join the Return to Earth Discord server https://discord.gg/nbqnPC4 and go to the "development" channel. I won't be on all the time, but when I am I hope I can hear some of your ideas walk through the development one step at a time.

    Changes: lowered Adult Eye Beasts max health (Adult Eye Beast will be overhauled in the next update).
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