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Return to Earth Overhauled 1.4.4

Return to your home planet to face the horrors that have grown in its ruins

  1. Apology

    Joseph K
    This update doesn't really add anything, I just wanted to make an announcement. I've been a blind fool, lashing out at a opinions I don't like and refusing to see what's right in front of me. The people on the Starbound Discord were much more harsh than they needed to be, but they did have some very good points. When you think about it, The True Ruin is a very silly looking boss, and the fight itself needs a lot of work. So I just want to say sorry for anyone who was affected by my negativity during the past few days. I know you probably don't care (and I sure hope you don't) but in case you do, please don't take anything I've said to heart. If not for such criticism I never would have realised the huge mistake I had been making over and over again. I still don't consider The True Ruin and absolute garbage boss, so this update adds it back. But I have plans to drastically change the fight. It will take a long time though.
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