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Retr0's Less Floaty Movement v1.6

(It's back! Again) Makes changes to the movement of the character. Now for 1.0!

  1. v1.4 / v1.1 (Tech)

    This update separates the existing Less Floaty Movement into two different mods: Less Floaty Movement (which only has the player movement changes) and Less Floaty Movement Tech (which carries all the features prior to this version)

    + Player now takes the correct amount of fall damage (Huge thanks to @Mackinz for the info)
    - Removed the reduced cooldown on the Dash and FTL Boost techs
    - Removed energy use on the Dash and FTL Boost techs
    - Removed the faster walking speed

    For any of you who liked the tech changes, you can find the Less Floaty Movement Tech version in the mod description!
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