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Retr0's Less Floaty Movement v1.6

(It's back! Again) Makes changes to the movement of the character. Now for 1.0!

  1. v1.3 (Back from the dead, baby!)

    A huge thank you to all who have made me aware of the broken mod, and thanks for @Mackinz for the info on how to fix the problem, however I unfortunately have a Mac. For now the mod will remain in folder form, but in the near future I shall put it back into a .modpak file.

    + Dash and FTL Boost techs now have their cooldown drastically reduced (Like in EK)
    + Dash and FTL Boost use energy (Dash being 35 energy and FTL Boost being 100 energy like in EK)
    + The mod actually works.

    Many thanks to @Kayuko for helping me out with lua, which I am still very confused on. :p
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