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ReTex +17

Changing some basic textures

  1. Desert and Pillar update!

    I changed mostly desert tiles this time.
    Also the goopy space liquid named Aether is in. You can create it from Moon Dust. Out of it you can make Aether Dust which can be turned into some neat pillars.

    I've also changed the texture for Bricks. They're now more like the original in coloration. You can get the old new one by crafting the new Fancy Brick out of Brick and Limestone. Oyeah, there's a Greenhouse block too now!

    I've also added Red Sandstone for your western needs. I kinda wanted to make it appear naturally via microdungeons. But the devs have drastically changed the way how dungeons are made, requiring Tiled, a third party program.
    Maybe someday...

    I also slightly adjusted the Iron Block and Iron Pipe to be less of a mess.

    Didn't get to do Clay and Mud, but they'll be in the next update I guess :nuruawe:
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