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ReTex +17

Changing some basic textures

  1. Cgeta

    I did a thing!

    New 2.png
    V V V V
    New 1.png

    A mod to improve the way how tiles are displayed!
    I also added some new ones! Coming up with new things is more fun :3
    New 4.png New 5.png
    Most things you can learn the crafting recipe for by picking up one of the materials. Like moondust!

    Wrote a very complex(to me at least) template for the neighbor aware tiling.
    It's very excessively big, but neat.

    There's not a whole lot yet.

    I'm not sure about lag though. The game is often randomly laggy on its own, so I am not sure if my mod adds lag to it or not. The sprite files for the tiles are fairly big though. So who knows.

    It might clash a little with some default textures.
    I have planned to change more textures later on. I just wanted to get a simple first version out so I can stop being all stressed about it.

    It's also to be noted that the changed tile textures might mess up existing builds and dungeons. I try to keep the colors of the new textures close to the original though.

    Pleas ask me if you want to use any of the templates!

    Basalt like stone in its natural habitat:
    Screenshot 3.png
    Disregard the weird copper ore. I plan on changing ores too, later. This is just a wip that is not included in the current version

    New 3.png
    Dunno about that one:
    Screenshot 4.png

    All of 'em so far:
    All Blocks.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Desert and Pillar update!

Recent Reviews

  1. pixelrage
    Version: +17
    This will crash your game immediately on startup. Yet another great mod that has been abandoned years ago, and Chucklefish doesn't remove it for some reason.
  2. krampus666
    Version: +17
    very good
  3. Ixa
    Version: +17
    A new vision to the game :D
    Very nice mod!!!
  4. Rukrio
    Version: +17
    this is what vanilla starbound should look like.
  5. MrMeowMeow!
    Version: +17
    Thank you for making my houses look good so I don't have to.

    Seriously, I happen to be rather poor at building, and this mod seriously helps my little boxes look beautiful. You're gonna do great things for this universe. The virtual one and the real one.

    Too praiseful? Sorry.
  6. F4CE
    Version: +17
    Awesome! Finally someone made a texture mod....It gets boring looking at the same blocks over and over.
  7. laggone
    Version: +17
    Nice textures. Info: Does not work with the "Munari" mod because of the "Invisible" tile.Delete that and you´re good to go.
    1. Cgeta
      Author's Response
      Yeah, for some reason I gave it the ID 10.000
  8. Deerdancer
    Version: +17
    wow. Now box-homes look awesome.
    1. Cgeta
      Author's Response
      That was one of my main thoughts behind that mod :D
      You can't expect everyone to be creative with simple blocks, so you have to be creative yourself by making something that always looks good, even with uncreative players
  9. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: +17
    *GASP* And suddenly, the first Texture Pack was made!
  10. Kelthazan
    Version: +17
    This is pretty awesome :D great job!