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Restored Beta Dungeons 2016-09-24


  1. tehcavy
    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: At the moment this mod creates a critical issue, connected with the generation of the dungeons and the causes of which I'm unable to pinpoint, which causes the game to "soft-crash" upon teleporting to planet with a mod dungeon on it. I recommend you turn over to Legacy Pack or Supper's Weapons Mod.

    Do you miss the old dungeons from Glad Giraffe? The cool high-techy decor from marine bunkers? Those sweet drysap dispencers and plant blocks from floran prisons? That Portal flair of Apex Test Chambers?


    Well, here you go. This mod restores:
    • Apex Research Lab, complete with guards in snazzy purple uniforms!
    • Apex Test Chambers
    • Apex Apartaments (older variant of current Apex City, thought someone might like it)
    • Floran Hell aka Floran Prison
    • USCM Bunker, complete with robots (regrettably uncatchable as of now; I'm working on rectifying that though)!
    • And Sci-Fi Dungeon, truly a blast from the past!

    I also went ahead and adjusted their loot tables to modern standarts (expect to see in Floran Hell same stuff you see in Floran Canyons, Apex Labs share Miniknog Bases loottables, Test Chambers - Abandoned Facility's, Apartaments - Apex City's, Bunker - Human Camp's), as well as rates of their spawn (so Floran Hell spawns more often in Forest, Apex dungeons are plentiful on Frozen planets, USCM Bunkers are in Savannah and Sci-Fi Dungeons are on Scorched planets).


    Some notes:
    • Since quests were implemented after those dungeons, they won't be a goal for generated quests (albeit Apex Town NPCs spawn quests as usual) and they won't contain quest furniture. This is not something I can solve without editing maps, and I don't want to change them.
    • Sci-FI Dungeon has Light effect through it's entire territory, and also spawns better than average loot to offset robust guards and low amount of containers.
    • However, don't touch the dispensing pod. Seriously, don't. I warned you.
    • This mod also removes sound of Tesla Spikes, because else Testing Facility turns into lagfest of hilarious proportions. Like anybody's gonna miss that annoying buzz.
    • Starbound will soft-crash if it sees an unrecognised NPC or monster type. Thus, A ) it's a very, very bad idea to keep a human droid on your ship if you often play multiplayer, and B ) if you want to remove this mod, first you have to kill or get rid of every modified NPC (bunker soldiers, apex guards in town and lab, all florans in the Hell dungeon, guards in Sci-Fi dungeon) and monster (droids from USCM bunker, specifically Serpent Droid, Repair Bot, Cleaning Bot) unless you're cool with not being able to visit that planet anymore.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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