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ReRegeneration 2.1.0

Provides configurable health and stamina regeneration under a variety of conditions.

  1. Generic Mod Config Menu Support

    Configuration can now be changed in-game with Generic Mod Config Menu, although it is not required. If this resource update does not change the download file, find it here.
  2. v2.0.0 (09/13/20)

    There are a LOT of new features so reading the readme is advised!
    -Updated to most recent SMAPI and SDV versions.
    -Bunch of new options. Like tons.
  3. Small tweak of log output

    Added a control for calibration output. In theory using the player version of SMAPI should prevent excessive log output but I've had reports that it happens even with the player version.
  4. Small tweak to cutscene detection

    Code tweak changed how cutscenes are detected (by checking whether time can pass).
  5. New feature: "Percentage Mode" in v1.1.0

    A new option in v1.1.0 appears at the bottom of the config file: "percentageMode" which is false by default. When set to "true," the "RegenPerSecond" values will be interpreted as percentages of the maximum value. This allows the regeneration rate to scale with higher levels of health and stamina. So, at the default values, at the start of the game 2.7 points of stamina will regenerate per second (1% of the starting value of 270 stamina).

    Note that if you do enable percentage mode, I'd...