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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Server Friendliness +1.

    [​IMG] Version, Minor Patch: Server Friendliness +1.
    no considerable changes, small modification's to increase server friendliness, this patch is designed for servers running this mod, extract patch file to mod folder.

  2. Hotfix 2: Rawr :3 Those Comma's...

    [​IMG] Version, Beta V Enraged Koala, Hotfix 2 Update: Rawr :3 Those Comma's...

    Yo-hai again Dilrax here, with a quick little hotfix, so it seems another one of them pesky little comma's got somewhere in a player file he shouldn't have, time to exterminate him, just copy the version over, no deletions.

    also a shout out to,...
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  3. an Adventure's Beloved Terminal

    [​IMG] Version 1.3.4, Beta V Enraged Koala, Hotfix/Minor Update:
    an Adventure's Beloved Terminal.
    Just overwrite previous mod version with new version, no deletions required this time.

    And im back with a nice little Hotfix which you should have been expecting but this time a Minor update too, whats...
  4. A Sweet Little Deal.

    [​IMG] Version 1.3.3, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: A Sweet Little Deal.
    Remember to Delete the Previous Mod Version, as well as your Ion Cannon if you have one, also find a crowbar or something for that Armoury printer, were pretty sure by now its... fused into your wall... now... somehow... awkwardly...
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  5. Imminent Awakening

    [​IMG] Version 1.3.2, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: Imminent Awakening

    one of Your favourite Fuzzballs are back, and Dilrax here, just checking in with a minor update and to prove that yes im still alive in this frozen system, though i cant say the same for my tail... we... still...
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  6. Version, Beta V Enraged Koala, HotFix Update: Kill That Comma!

    [​IMG] Version, Beta V Enraged Koala, Hotfix Update: Kill That Comma!
    ahhhahahaha... sorry Guy's early Hotfix Update, i did kinda say it may happen as i was expecting problems, don't worry about Deleting the "That "Next Gorgeous Version" Begins!"...
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  7. That "Next Gorgeous Version" Begins!

    [​IMG] Version 1.3, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: That "Next Gorgeous Version" Begins!
    Remember to Delete the Previous Mod Version.

    Hello Everybody! Dilrax Here again, Hijacking the RenTek Communications Network, Mainframe and Array, Again and because i can, Broadcasting to all you Space Fairing Adventures out there!

    its been anticipated,...
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  8. Keep Calm and Play Starbound!

    [​IMG] Version 1.3, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: Keep Calm and Play Starbound!.
    Remember to Delete the Previous Mod Version.

    Sorry guy's, i was too busy working on multiple systems i hadn't noticed the overall update until i was told the other day and reminded about it earlier during the day, i hope there hasn't been any problems... also Reni...
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  9. A Promise To Keep

    [​IMG] Version, Beta V Furious Koala, Update: A Promise To Keep.

    Please Delete Any Previous Version's Of This Mod From This Point Onwards, When Updating, Thank You. if you were not doing it before then you might want to start now, it will help with making things update correctly and will fix other problems...
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  10. Forge the Reforge! -{Hotfix]

    [​IMG]Version 1.2.2, Beta V Furious Koala, Hotfix Update: Forge the Reforge!
    just another Hotfix update, this one will give you a solution to the missing Items when crafting them, of course this can also solve other problems like it, Should you EVER find that your missing a Tier or Equipment, for example Tier 2, immediately GOTO the Nearest Reforge Station and Retrieve the...