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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. That "Next Gorgeous Version" Begins!

    [​IMG] Version 1.3, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: That "Next Gorgeous Version" Begins!
    Remember to Delete the Previous Mod Version.

    Hello Everybody! Dilrax Here again, Hijacking the RenTek Communications Network, Mainframe and Array, Again and because i can, Broadcasting to all you Space Fairing Adventures out there!

    its been anticipated, sought after and for some time its all been in the making, but finally The new Gear has arrived, well half of it, so what's changed? what's added? where's Reni? all of that will be explained shortly...

    Mod News:
    Just so you guys know, the mod size and somewhat jumped in size, this is because of the New sound files all added in, majority of the new weapons now have there own unique sounds and in some case's this acts to give them a more powerful feeling... like the Coil Rifle! anyhow because of this i have moved the Download to an External Site.

    Updates and Changes.
    The Following Weapons are now available for Use:
    Atlas Plasma Cannon.
    Coil Rifle.
    (will be updated and improved in due time)
    Hyper Cannon.
    Pulser Wave Rifle.
    Pulser Wave Cannon.
    Vulcan Type 2.

    The Following Weapons Require Reforge:
    Vulcan Mk2.
    Atlas Energy Cannon.
    Razor Shotgun.
    Energy Razor.
    (Was the Razor Blaster)

    so i gave you guys about a week to vote which would also end at the release of the first half of new weapons which took less time then i expected to complete, how ever i would have like to throw in the Holy Hand Grenade as well but... it still hates me and doesn't want to work properly... invisible grenades are not fun because you always lose them, anyhow i finished up early and you guys had 6 to 1 on the votes so... here you go, you asked for it and you got it.
    try not to rip my fur out if you don't like the Hypersaw and how it works, its a gun that creates a holographic Blade Remember so its not a normal chainsaw-chainsaw.

    More Tier's Make Tears!
    i don't overly trust the Tier system mostly because it doesn't exactly like me, but weapons now fall into Tier's 1-3, that might change if it all wants to work, this should balance things out a little bit more but like i said, i don't trust it, so im ready with a could Tier Reforge Cards just in case something doesn't want to work...

    Other News:
    In Regards to Reni, Don't worry about him, he will be back, im just temporary taking over... but now its off to work again on the second lot of the weapon's, this group might take longer because of the few extra elements i have to manually construct my self as well as a couple of the weapons are "power weapons" so its going to take longer for them because they need to be Just Right, and powerful...

    Problem Hunting:
    umm.. if you guys find, encounter or break something that creates a problem, don't hesitate to contact me and report it, feel free to post me a message or something and i'll get onto fixing it right away!

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