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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Keep Calm and Play Starbound!

    [​IMG] Version 1.3, Beta V Enraged Koala, Update: Keep Calm and Play Starbound!.
    Remember to Delete the Previous Mod Version.

    Sorry guy's, i was too busy working on multiple systems i hadn't noticed the overall update until i was told the other day and reminded about it earlier during the day, i hope there hasn't been any problems... also Reni currently is not here so im taking over the Comm's for once!
    Update News!
    This is just an update to the over all data base to sinc it with current times, nothing Special... at this time.

    In Other Related News!
    if you were one who paid attention to the Discussion page then you would have know about the snail slow progress over the past week and a little bit longer due to the problem i had with my knee and the inability to sit at my desk for long periods of time, well that's over and done with, Finally! ^-^ , so its almost back to work at full speed from here on, thought i might let you guys know.

    anyhow Reni is off on a Rampage of fun with a New Accidentally Created Weapon... of mine, which i want back sometime SOON RENI! Preferably... now T-T, *Cough* ahem... it wasn't planned and it just happened to be found when an problem was encountered with the CoilRifle so rather then fixing it... it was kinda embraced and before i knew it there was a totally new and fun to have Weapon, unlike anything i have seen anywhere else, sure it could be like an already existing tool but where is the fun in that?

    What is it?

    The Hypersaw
    [​IMG] "Rip an Tear"! [​IMG]
    The Hypersaw employs a very strange level of technology, almost requiring very little to no energy to function, though its appearance at first resembles a gun, the Hypersaw is actually far from it, by generating a solid holographic energy charged synthetic Chainsaw blade the Hypersaw becomes a up close and personal melee weapon, the holographic blade though solid is actually quite harmless but its the genius idea of crating a synthetic solid holographic blade charged with electrical energy and set in motion that makes it harmful, because as long as the holographic blade keeps moving or in this case, spinning, it will continue to cut away at anything it touches, though its more efficient against living matter and useless on materials it does have the ability to cut trees... you would have more impact using a stone axe in comparison how ever to cut down tree's, just don't go berserk on "Huge enemy's who may or may not have Huge Guts..."

    err.... moving on, the weapon pack update in progress will be split into two groups, Pack 1 and Pack 2, they will be released when the first half of the weapons are complete, the second pack will be released when the second half are all completed, though the LSR might not be included and put in its own release at a later date.
    the RenTek Weapon pack 1 will include the following:
    Cyan = position tweaking, Yellow = finalizing build, Green = acceptable state.
    Vulcan [Remake]
    Vulcan Mk2 [Remake]
    Vulcan Type 2 [New]
    Hypercannon [New]
    Razor [Remake]
    Energy Razor (Razor blaster) [Remake]
    CoilRifle [New]
    Pulser Wave Rifle [New]
    Pulsar Wave Cannon [New]
    Atlas Energy Cannon [Remake]
    Atlas Plasma Cannon [New]
    there is still a few minor modifications to still make because its being juggled all at once, well two at a time, more or less... though the CoilRifle is having a hard time generating the Results that would be liked... everything else just needs a little kick to get it right! also in the discussion page the other day, was a Question Poll for you guy's. about the "Hypersaw"

    to give you guys an understanding of what the new weapon is or to refresh your memory its the Hypersaw, which can be found in the Discussion page Weapon data base, or simple go back up to the Spoiler above!

    if you guys manage to Vote the Hypersaw in, which is complete and fully working, it will be added into the next Update, ready for you guys to go Nuts with, and yes, its a Chainsaw, well not a Chainsaw-Chainsaw, its a Future Sci-Fi Chainsaw! its totally worth it...
    That's all there is for now, so remember Keep calm and Play Starbound!

    this is actually quite fun to do, i might have to steal Reni's spotlight a few times more, haha...
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