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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. New Toy's, Modifications and Magic.

    [​IMG] Reni:
    i have to admit... i don't think there is any magic here... science magic maybe but magic magic... i doubt that, anyhow after tinkering around, burning and vaporizing things... like my self and half a lab, i have been able to finally complete the super not so secret not work on the... uhh... drum roll please? anyone? anyone....? nope fine, ... the Pandemonium Orbital Ion Cannon! but also i was able to scrap some metal bits from around the place and pieced together an extra nice little toy for you guys to enjoy... So Now Introducing To You! The Two New Weapons:

    The Razor Shotgun.
    [​IMG] "You see this? This... is my boomstick!"
    The Razor Shotgun, Is an Up-Close-And-Personal-Face-Punching brute with the ability to fire split-shot Shrapnel Slug's, this technique allows the Razor to deal high outputs of damage at close range and deal damage to multiple enemy's with medium damage at midrange where the bullets Split and scatter, although its not super powerful or energy efficient at first, its fire-rate at later times with its unique bullet spray make up for it.

    And the Pandemonium Orbital Ion Cannon.
    [​IMG]"i love the smell of Ion in the morning"
    Code Named "Pandemonium" by etherealblade, The Pandemonium Orbital Ion Cannon or POIC for short, is truly a very destructive weapon, using a lazor designator to mark the target location by means of firing a signal flare of plasma particles, the target location is then Struck with a highly powerful projectiles of Pure Ion Energy which vaporises all neutral/hostile living things that come in to contact as well as leaving Ion particle orbs behind which explode a short time after, its requirements are very high and costly. [​IMG]
    Also a shout out to Seterwind for his work and help on the POIC.

    in Other news, the Vulcan MG and Atlas Energy Cannon have had a slight modification, nothing to much with the Atlas, how ever the Vulcan MG has a bit of a bullet spray, slight increase of damage and can shoot 1-2 bullets per shot, energy use has been lowered a little.

    so what are you guys waiting for? stop eye-balling me, although its welcome attention and go get into the action!, also the planned crafting station will come at a later date, i apologise for the possible extra clutter your metalwork stations have to put up with until then and on the Main page in the weapon display category you will now find the Razor and POIC are added to the list, information included as well as there Descriptive quote which is applied to all weapons.

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