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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Reni: System Tweaking



    [​IMG]Your Local Friendly Neighbourhood Spacefaring Avali Arms Dealer. "iv got a great idea for something hehehe"
    RenTek; Reni's Armoury Version, Upbeat Giraffe: Reni: System Tweaking
    Place into the following directory " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/ " and Remember to remove the previous version, sorry in advance for adding to the start up wait.

    Version; Upbeat Giraffe: Reni: System Tweaking.
    so while Dilrax will be away dealing with other matters as its going to be a busy week for him until next Friday with the rare appearance to post any updates as i put them together so he kinda wont be around to do much work on the mod so im taking charge for the time being... soo youre probably might be wondering what's up this time? in mod news...

    well the ongoing problem with the drone and treasure conflicts was fixed thanks to outside help after dilrax was unable to come up with a solution after spending probably close to 48 hours on it, show how little we still know, hehe and there have been a few smaller changes to the weapons which iv also sorted out a few of the higher tier weapons a little so hopefully the power balance for them is a good trade off, the drone its self has had another minor system tweak to counter its... uhh... Tactical Advantage Action of... erm... running away... when some got too close... now it kinda just shoots the crap out of you alot more and wont move except searching and chasing, its hit box still needs a bit of work so just aim under the drone and hope you hit something that's not the ground...

    the Ion cannon has also had a temporary Overhaul which has been really really time consuming, the Ion cannon its self is going to be rebuilt as a orbital beam not a bombardment when i get around to it, so for now the current bombardment version is now known as the "Viper Airstrike" but like i said its not working perfectly so i have disabled the Tier 8 Weapon Holodisk which normally grants the Ioncannon, sorry about that... but once im done, it will return and hopefully better then ever... ^^

    as usual if you encounter any problems feel free to let us know by leaving a post on the discussion page, with a copy of your starbound.txt log file from "/Starbound/giraffe_storage/ ", taking a screen shot of the error pop up doesn't help much, or feel free to post me a message.

    until next time
    ~RenTek: Reni
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