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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Minor Technical Difficulty's... sorry.




    [​IMG] Version, Upbeat Giraffe: Fixing as we Go! Minor Technical Difficulty's... sorry.

    be sure to Please remove the Previous Versions of this mod before updating.

    Minor Technical Difficulty's... sorry... things are a Right mess atm, but i think i have gotten it sorted out, if you downloaded the version just before "Fixing as we go!" then please scrap it, and download this one.

    also to Clarify what must be done, you will need to obtain the Following:
    500x Pixels.
    5 Core fragments.
    4 Iron bars.
    this will allow you to craft a "RenTek: Station Holodisk" which will also have a purple like color by name, to craft the 1st Weapon Tier Card you will Need to Craft a RenTek Armory Station from the Anvil, an Armory Printer Requires:
    7x Copper Bars.
    7x Silver Bars.
    7x Iron bars.
    1x RenTek Energy Core
    200x Pixels

    the RenTek Tier 2 (1st weapon Tier card) requires the following items:
    1000x Pixels.
    2x iron bars.
    1x RenTek Energy Core.
    2x Glass Blocks.

    and a Energy Core requires:
    5x Core fragments
    2x iron bars
    1x glass block
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