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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. yet another fix...



    RenTek; Reni's Armoury Version, Upbeat Giraffe: yet another fix
    Place into the following directory " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/ " and Remember to remove the previous version, sorry in advance for adding to the start up wait.

    Version; Upbeat Giraffe: Yet another fix.
    yup you guessed it another possibly annoying update fix, im thinking we have a ongoing jinx but you cant make progress with out errors, hehe, this one will fix the crashing caused by the Combat drone.

    during this brief moment of Revision on the drone, we modified its combat ability again, by doing this we reduced the number of projectiles it can fire and how quickly it can fire that burst, in addition to this we reduced its armour by 10 points, meaning the Atlas and Vulcan MKII are able to combat its ability's very well with out the user being shot apart, of course the drone its self is less likely to ignore you and will often give chase, once in short-medium range of it you will notice its relentless fire once it has you in its sights.

    Armor Spec's when combating the Drone:
    with no Armor, the Combat Drone is going to brutally murder you very quickly, we Highly recommend stockpiling Red Stims to use on the fly,
    with 100 points of Armor, you will be able to survive a volley of shots if you get too close or trapped by the Drone, but take note of your health as it will deplete quickly still, healing items will be required, with 200 points of Armor, each shot from the drone will inflict 17 points of Damage, tis might be a scratch but consecutive hits will ensure a death if flesh wounds are not patched.

    if anyone discovers any more error's or problems, maybe even just a question about how to do something, please ask we are happy to answer or find a solution. ^^

    Comers are the one thing i hate the most! when it comes to JSON code, also letting Reni type out the Update Info while revise the upcoming balance updates yet to be added.
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