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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. "Modular Informative Exploration Groundwork Assistant"

    Character artwork by: Zancuno


    Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"

    RenTek; [Delta] Armoury Evolved
    Dilrax: Modular Informative Exploration Groundwork Assistant.

    Its Really Less Technical then it sounds... and more Goofy then it Appears
    Still working on, testing and sorting out files for the Github version so you're gonna be needing to use a Link in the mean time, You can ether Click this Link [>Here<] or click the old [Download Now: Via external site] button on the mod page which Will No Longer Take you to the Wix page, You may also be required to delete the previous mod file instead of merging this update into it.

    • You and (the) Modular Informative Exploration Groundwork Assistant.
    Ok... onto Business as this is long long over due, but for those of you who have been keeping upto date and tabs on things for a while i was talking about the AI changes i was working on... those changes have been a very painful setback... still trying to get them sorted out but its been rather difficult to find help that actually works regarding this matter... i will get it to work, even if i have to turn that into an add-on mod.

    How ever in the mean time using the normal vanilla base i have implemented a solution, which will remain until i ether give up or finally break S.A.I.L and bend it to my will... story for another time, from this point on, lore wise as Miega will also tell you "SAIL is currently off in a world of its own" though its still there your just stuck with a different companion to help guide you along and read out Sail's lines, this companion is a 'Modular Informative Exploration Groundwork Assistant' but you can just refer to her as 'Miega' or 'Sleeps'. (Translation of Lithuanian to English)

    At some point i also plan to Replace the Ship pet with a little fox Companion/NPC, an idea that was suggested to me by 'SleepsFox' (one of my "Modding Students" Next to Zancuno and Reni who i introduced into Starbound modding), which is also the cause of the Switch with SAIL, Were still working on idea's regarding the Ship pet and Sleep's is drafting up some base sprite designs for me to remodel but general idea is to eventually give you a useful Character who can actually help you in some way and maybe travel with you like crew (no promises) rather then being stuck with a pet that just runs around the ship and on occasion, gets in your way and stops you from doing stuff because its ether sitting in front of or on the object your trying to use... God Damn Cats!, The current pet has been changed out too which is something you may notice, though its still just as annoying on occasion.

    • New Species body, Appearance and Colors.
    One of the other things that took up a bit of time, was my Species Designs, i could have probably made things alot easier on my self by taking shortcuts but i decided to try and make something unique for the species... which with out meaning to as i found out recently... the body shape and leg type is a very close match to the avali and Kineptic body and leg types... actually its a pretty close match to the Kineptic *facepalms* Completely unintentional and i really did not mean it to turn out this way but what ever it actually makes things easier on me when working on armor, this also benefits you guys, Avali/Kineptic style leg armor will fit/work how ever torso piece armor and clothing wont work so well, vanilla/Human style chest pieces will work with very little issue, just making a note of that...

    i also edited the color pallets, the previous color pallets still exist but i did remove a couple of the color variations and gave them all a nice dark overlay which actually works better for those specific color pallets, i also added a crap load more colors... like an entire rainbow spectrum from red to red, so during character creation you have a total of 384 color hex code's spread across 191 total options, i think... my last count was 96 lines and 384 color hex codes, sooo may-ahh what ever, you have a hole rainbow color spectrum for Primary Fur, Secondary Fur and Eye colors to play with or randomize.

    Primary fur color options are a bit brighter then secondary color options and they Eye colors have both bright and darker color options, just cycle through to work out the difference.

    • New Respawn Animation. (Work in progress)
    Yeah ok, this ones... still a major work in progress but i started on something, unfortunately i cant even tell if its actually playing out the base animation i have in use, i still have to finish part of it and a couple layers, so dont mind the animation when you kinda just "appear" in the middle-middle of it.

    • I Could Use some Feedback, and Color pallet suggestions.
    So once again, im asking for some Feedback from you guys on these additions/Changes, i don't care if there is something there you don't like, i want to hear about it! i wanna know what you guys think.

    also, Despite the fact i think i got most color's covered, if you have some kind of funky shade of purple, or maybe a red or blue that's not there that you really want to be able to use, Leave a comment with an example of those colors, the color mix or the Color's Hex code and i'll see about adding it in.

    By default the base species colors that are being used for the pallet swaps are three main types of red and grey's, but all colors involved in the pallet swap are displayed below.
    #f52300, #dc1f00, #be1b00,#a51500
    #787878, #4e4e4e, #3c3c3c,#212121
    so if you have an color preference's you want to see or have added in, i'll see about adding them in as long as i have a sample or color hex for it, The eyes use two colors: #004fa3 and #002751 and im more then happy to take color options for them too if you have an suggestions.


    This Version's Download Link:


    GitHub Link: (Yet to be updated)

    i'll continue doing what i can in the mean time, but if there's any problems, as per-usual let me know in the discussion tab and don't forget to post a copy of your log file for me to take a look at, for inquiry's or general questions im more then happy to answer them also over in the discussion tab.

    ------- Regards

    ------------ Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    --------------------- Dilrax Stormpaw.
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