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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Reni: Were just getting Started!



    [​IMG]Your Local Friendly Neighbourhood Spacefaring Avali Arms Dealer. "iv got a great idea for something hehehe"
    RenTek; Project Armoury V1.2 Beta
    Reni: Were Just Getting Started!...

    Place into the following directory " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/ " and Remember to remove the previous version, sorry in advance for adding to the start up wait.
    We hope everyone is enjoying the Remake of RenTek: Reni's Armoury in much better colour and detail, and Cheer's to a Happy New Year! and a thank you to all for being Awesome, we were pretty surprised to wake up to the mod kicking off as quickly as it has, compared to when RA was first launched, so thank you to all!

    The Changes
    we fixed an issue with the Vulcan Carbine having a second Crafting Recipe which was actually for the Vulcan Cannon, the Vulcan Cannon its self was also a bit shy so we had to rewrite the Item to make it Craft-able.

    the Pion Pistols have also been fixed as there was apparently an issue with them.

    We added the "Identification Scroll" to the recipe list at the Crafting station, the "
    unidentified Holo Scrolls" that you need can be obtained from Two Special NPC's as a Tenant Reward, though its rare.

    Custom NPC's
    were sure your probably wondering how to get these two Special NPC's, but Don't Fret! if you think there going to get attacked because they will defend them selves and others from hostile's, they also have some pretty interesting and hilarious Dialog and hidden jokes to say, so here's the requirements to Spawn them.

    To Spawn '
    Dilrax' you need to place a Minimum of the following in a room:
    1x Apex Decor
    1x Human Decor
    1x Light Source
    1x Door
    1x RenTek Object/Station

    To Spawn '
    Reni' you need to place a Minimum of the following in a room:
    1x Glitch Decor
    1x Avali Decor
    1x Light Source
    1x Door
    1x RenTek Object/Station

    New Download Source's (Again! Horay!):
    we now have a Download Link Page and Information Snippets built though Wix.com, (Again) on this page you will be able to chose which Download source of ours you want to download the mod from, currently the only two source's are Mediafire and Google Drive.

    also on this Site page you can get in contact with us as well as jump straight back to the Mod page or even over to the Updates Page, we thought it might help out a little, its all about the mod and only the mod.

    New and Hidden Features to Find:

    There's a couple hidden extras Obtainable from the two New NPC's but we also have a few items still being worked on, these are not normally obtainable and will cause errors if used, so please don't go spawning them in ^^; when these are good and ready we will add them to the Armoury Station.
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